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     FBG 556         OUR STORY

       from a dream to reality...       

First Beginning Generation 556 B.C. Inc., is original in its nature.  With all the aspects and origins of this Planet.   As the Earth revolves around the different houses, in orbit around the Sun, we are fed nutrients, there are no variants, additives, or artificial conditions to preserve the interior health, nor are there existing superficial medicines, or cosmetics that will preserve the interior or exterior of the Human body.  In fact, all external adjustments or additives to the Human body, facial and internal motors are temporary.  What happens is the marvelous Human body adapts and adjusts to esthetics for an undetermined length of time.  Our objectives are to reach the conscious mind within over 100 billion brain cells, and the 3 brains we have.  The head brain, the heart brain, and your gut brain.  The 3 brains orchestrate, cooperating to produce electronic vibrational rhythms, signaling neurons communicating with every cell of the body.  As Human beings are missing the elementary form of longevity due to the overshadowing of matrix and the butterfly effect.  The Planet in all its splendor shares the key to internal and external health in abundance.  People conform to the vein ways of social society, however, but should be transformed by the renewal of your mind, energy, and will to heal the internal and external.  Plants, Trees, Grass, Water, Fruit has sustained Human kind after breath, the body responds to what it internalizes as above, so below, and seven degrees of separation. 

Earth’s Gold products were derived from using the natural ingredients, that the Creator placed on this planet, for the edification of every Human that breaths on this Planet.  Every cell, neutron, proton, and atom were meant to be sustained by plants.

We at First Beginning Gen Inc, separate ourselves from artificial cosmetics, preservatives, and other additives in any form, that inhibits the breathing and nourishment of the body and face.  We believe in feeding the cells of the body what it was designed to have to regenerate and reproduce healthy cell production and functions.    

Our Herbal Teas are designed to provide the body with needed vitamins and minerals to help the body mend and bring back into alignment from damage caused by harmful substances that have robbed and depleted the body of the ability to regenerate healthy cells.

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