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Stretched Beyond Belief and Loving Every Minute!

We are soon coming upon year one of

forming First Beginning Generation 556 BC, and it has truly been a labor of love. It has also been a time of really seeing what we both were made of.

Making sure that we were providing our customers with quality, and responsibly sourced materials to make our products was at times a nightmare, yet we were able to make that happen. We were not only developing products to provide to our customer, and potential customers, but we were also developing ourselves. Learning how to run a business in 2021, ( and still learning everyday). Late nights, early mornings, and weekends, disagreements, disappointments, failures and wins, really sheds a light on how to stretch yourself as a person, but also as business people. We have surely been tested and it has truly been a wonderful journey. Our goal is to continue to offer you safe skin care products for you and your family.

This year we are ramping up the production of our products and rebranding the packaging. We have been blessed with the opportunity to now offer our products in a local retail store, and we will be participating in more vendor events throughout Northeast Ohio. Stay tuned via our Facebook page and other social media sites, for information as to our whereabouts.

We Thank each and every person that has supported First Beginning Generation 556/Earth's GLD, by either subscribing to our website, purchasing from our website, or have purchased from us at the various events you may have met us at in 2021. We appreciate you all so very much.

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